Labour’s responses to Renters United’s questions

September 11, 2017 11:12 am

Renters United asked all major political parties their position on the recommendations from the Peoples’ Review of Renting. Here are the responses from the Labour Party. Compare all responses.

Will your party introduce a mandatory rental warrant of fitness?

Does your party have any additional policies that will contribute to our goal of “all rental housing is warm, healthy, and safe”?

Labour will introduce a Healthy Homes Guarantee which will require all rental properties to meet proper standards in: insulation, heating, ventilation, draught stopping, and drainage. Labour will also will invest the money from ending tax loopholes for speculators in grants to help 600,000 families insulate their homes or install a clean, fixed form of heating over 10 years.

Will your party limit rent rises?

Labour will limit rent increases to no more than once per year and require the formula by which rents are set to be specified in the agreement.

Will your party abolish letting fees?

Labour will abolish letting fees.

Will your party take a hands-on approach to the housing market to ensure adequate supply (and affordability) of all housing types?

Does your party have any additional policies that will contribute to our goal that “everyone has affordable housing”?

Labour will take a hands-on approach to increasing housing supply.

Labour’s KiwiBuild programme will build 100,000 high quality, affordable homes over 10 years, with 50% of them in Auckland. Standalone houses in Auckland will cost $500,000 to $600,000, with apartments and townhouses under $500,000. Outside Auckland, houses will range from $300,000 to $500,000.

Labour will establish an Affordable Housing Authority to work with the private sector to cut through red tape and get new homes built fast. It will partner with private developers, councils and iwi to undertake major greenfields and revitalisation projects, building affordable homes with KiwiBuild and the private market.

Labour will make Housing New Zealand into a public service rather than an SOE, and will substantially increase the number of state houses. Unlike the current government, Labour will not milk state housing for a dividend, and will end its programme of state house sales.

Will your party abolish no-fault evictions?

Does your party have any additional policies that will contribute to our goal that “people who rent are secure? They can create homes and report problems without fear of eviction”?

Labour will extend the current 42 day notice periods for evicting tenants to 90 days and replace the current 90 day notice period with the ability to evict tenants where they have breached the rental agreement including clarifying that anti-social behavior, failure to maintain the property, and failure to pay rent can constitute a breach.

Will your party reform the Tenancy Tribunal to lower the barriers to access?

Labour is open to reform of the Tenancy Tribunal to lower barriers for access.

Will your party fund tenants’ education and advocacy services?

Labour is open to funding tenant’s education and advocacy services.

Will your party require all landlords and property managers to be licensed?

Does your party have any other policies that will contribute to our goal that “people can successfully challenge illegal behaviour by landlords and property managers”?

Labour will set up a licensing system for boarding houses and hostels, legislate tough minimum standards, set out in a Warrant of Fitness system and enforce a compliance system to ensure boarding houses provide safe and decent accommodation. For other landlords we will strengthen minimum standards.

Will your party establish a Commissioner for Housing?

Does your party have any additional policies that will contribute to our goal that “the ongoing situation for people renting improves, The Tenancy Tribunal effectively upholds renters’ rights, regulations are enforced and periodically reviewed?

Labour is open to establishing a Commissioner for Housing.

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