ACT’s responses to Renters United’s questions

September 10, 2017 8:32 pm

Renters United asked all major political parties their position on the recommendations from the Peoples’ Review of Renting. Here are the responses from the ACT Party. Compare all responses.

ACT did not directly respond to our questions, but supplied the following statement.

ACT’s rental policy is to address the supply of housing in New Zealand by cutting red-tape and promoting development. The lack of supply of housing which has not kept pace with growth is the single biggest driver of inequality, all the issues surrounding the current state of renting can be linked back to the current crisis and lack of proper supply. ACT would scrap the urban boundary in Auckland and facilitate the development of 600,000 new homes. ACT has also advocated for the full repeal of the Resource Management Act which is crushing development and the introduction of new legislation with home building and property rights at the forefront. ACT would return half the GST from consenting and development to local councils which would incentivise them to consent more and be able to adequately fund infrastructure. ACT recognises that the current rental market is a landlords market – by being bold and addressing the fundamental issues around supply the market can be renters market where individuals have choice. ACT believes in the strength of the tenancy tribunal which is a under-utilised tool to help renters protect their rights.

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