Onslow-Western ward candidate Matthew Plummer answers Renters United’s questions

September 13, 2016 11:10 pm

Renters United asked every candidate for the Onslow-Western ward 11 questions about the issues that most concern renters in Wellington. Here is Matthew Plummer’s response, he declined to answer our questions in full. Compare Matthew with other candidates. Read responses from other candidates.

Adding red tape to renting will increase rents and do nothing to encourage new housing supply. The cost of meeting the rental WOF standards will be passed onto renters by landlords, adding further financial pressure to renters’ budgets (in addition to the City Council’s above inflation rates increases…). As a student I lived in some pretty awful flats, but they were cheap, and that was an important consideration in my accommodation choice.

With Wellington’s residential consents 20% lower than the New Zealand average (Infometrics latest data set) I will work to streamline WCC’s housing regulations so we can get more housing built in our city. The quality of rental accommodation will be improved by bringing new entrants to the market, which will also help keep prices affordable.

Council should focus on residential growth in Te Aro (rather than its failed ‘Medium Density Housing’ strategy) as intensification of the city centre will reduce transport poverty – bus and train fares are another unwelcome pressure on renters’ budgets.

I realise these aren’t the answers you are after: I want to improve conditions for renters, but I don’t think ‘Rental WoFs’ will achieve that. I welcome your organisation’s advocacy and if I am elected I look forward to working with you to increase the supply of decent housing in Wellington.

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